Disney+ Trivia
Disney+ members are able to log onto the streaming service and test their Disney knowledge with their friends and family by playing trivia games on various Disney categories.
Project Details:
Product: Mobile App
Duration: 2 Weeks
Role: Product Designer
Client: Disney+ (educational)
Tools: Figma, Miro, Lottie Animation, Figjam, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
Responsibilities: Understanding User Needs & User Research | Defining Product Goals & Objectives | Conceptualization & Ideation | Information Architecture | Wireframing |Prototyping |
Usability Testing & Iteration | UI Design | Accessibility | Documentation
Disney+ has not taken full advantage of its potential to be a comprehensive streaming service that caters to both media consumption and family-friendly gaming experiences.

Utilizing the dedicated Disney user community, encompassing families and "Disney adults," we can create an interactive offering for fans to deepen their connection with content and characters.
Adding a trivia game feature beyond current TV and movies will attract existing members, boost viewership, and entice new subscribers. This Disney-themed trivia enhances Disney+'s appeal as a comprehensive streaming service, catering to media consumption and family-friendly gaming. This inclusive trivia feature can captivate fans of all ages, strengthening Disney+'s audience.
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Research Goals
Research Methods
Competitive Analysis
User Interviews
User Personas
Competitive Analysis
The initial phase of my research involved conducting a thorough market analysis to identify competitors and their unique strategies. My primary areas of focus encompassed streaming services, trivia games, and Disney-related gaming experiences.

The insights gathered provided a valuable foundation for shaping the design approach, including the seamless integration of a game within a streaming service and the optimal format for the trivia game interface.
User Interviews
By engaging in a comprehensive interview phase, I delved deeper into participants' pain points, motivations, and behavioral patterns. To cultivate a richer understanding and extract valuable insights regarding user preferences and expectations, I deliberately selected individuals who engage with Disney films and board games.

The carefully crafted interview questions were strategically designed to unveil users' desires for a Disney+ trivia game.
Number of Participants: 7 people
Method: 1 on 1 virtual calls & Google surveys
Participants: Users who watch Disney & play board games
Affinity Map
Our aim is to uncover patterns and traits among interview participants, gaining insights into the unique needs of our target audience. Customized questions enable a deeper understanding of features that could fulfill individual requirements.
1. Users like to play with their friends/family
2. Users are not confident in Disney trivia
3. Users like Disney for the nostalgia
4. Users not only watch Disney+ with their friends/family but also themselves
5. Users like to play games
6. Users enjoy a variety of games
7. Users are busy
8. Users like Disney movies
9. Users like Disney parks  

Point of View Statement to
How Might We Question
# 1 Engagement
I’d like to explore ways to help users have an engaging experience that fosters inclusivity and active participation, thus empowering them to create lasting memories and forge deeper connections.
How might we make communication between friends clear while playing?
How might we keep consistent participation between all users while playing the game?
#2 Varying Level of Experience
I’d like to explore ways for Disney+ users who don’t have confidence in their Disney knowledge to still feel empowered enough to play the Disney+ trivia game by incorporating questions that contain a range of difficulty.
How might we incorporate questions for users of varying levels of Disney knowledge?
How might we include clues?
#3 Nostalgia
I’d like to explore ways to help Disney+ users, who prefer earlier Disney movies, have an experience that allows them to rediscover their favorite films in a refreshed format, rekindling the magic and nostalgia, while simultaneously promoting Disney's latest cinematic offerings.
How might we incorporate past Disney movies/TV shows in a new and exciting way?
How might we add questions promoting new Disney cinema that users, who have never seen it, could still answer?
#4 Time Constraints
I’d like to explore ways to help busy Disney+ users respect their time constraints but also enhance their overall satisfaction by providing a customizable and adaptable trivia experience that seamlessly integrates into their daily routines, thus empowering users to engage with the trivia game at their desired pace.
How might we create options involving time constraints that would be useful to the user?
How might we create default time constraints that can fit a typical user’s daily routine?
User Personas
Disney Mom
Alexa is a mom of 4 kids and Disney fan who wants to be able to play a game with her family where every member (no matter what age) can play together and stay engaged.
Board Game Enthusiast
Karla is a board game enthusiast who wants to be able to play a game with her friends where every person (no matter what level of Disney knowledge) can play together and stay engaged.
Disney Super Fan
Jamie is a Disney super fan who wants to be able to challenge his other Disney super fan friends with entertaining and currant Disney trivia.
The site map visually presents platform navigation, clarifying the arrangement of components and features within their respective categories for a coherent user experience. While some similarities may arise in the final version, it's important to note that adjustments are likely as the building process unfolds.
Task Flows
Theses task flows serves as a visual representation to identify potential areas for improvements, if any.
Navigate to Trivia Game Feature
Search For a Movie's Trivia Game
Play Trivia Game
Low Fidelity Wireframes
Having amassed sufficient information, I embarked on crafting preliminary low-fidelity concepts. Presented below are several preliminary screens:
Hero Section
I spent some time on the existing app to find spaces within the platform that could be used to not only integrate the feature, but also promote it.
Trivia Game Setup
I set the trivia game up for users to be able to select their Disney character to be able to distinguish players and let the game feel personal to them.
Setup Summary
I included a summary of how users set up the game to remind them of how it was set up and give them the option to go back and edit if needed.
1 Player Question
I formatted the game so that each individual player could answer a question on their own first.
Everyone Question
If that player answered their first question correctly, they were able to answer a second question, but now any player could answer that question to up the stakes.
Existing UI to Style Tile
High Fidelity Wireframes
After several rounds of iterations I created a user interface that reflected the brand’s image and emulated the joy and magic of Disney. Presented below are several of the screens:
Game Cards
I created cards for each category of Disney trivia. I went with multiple categories to show the large potential of this feature. I kept the cards relatively simple. I used logos to be the primary visual point.
Game Summary
I updated the UI with Disney magic, but using the blue in Disney+’s brand palette, and the Disney castle in the background to exude its brand values, and keep users visually please.
Question Timer
Each trivia question is timed using an animated timer that uses the mickey iconography and firework animations, which creates more suspense for the players while incorporating the castle background.
Movie Clip Question
I added a scoreboard during the game, so that users always know the score. This way the players can pay more attention to the actual questions.
Movie Trivia
To explore more of this trivia game feature potential, I took it one step further by having it so each movie could have its own game, which you can access on its main page.
Usability Test Overview
Research Goals
Evaluate how easy task flows are accomplished, such as

1. Selecting a trivia game
2. Setting up a trivia game
3. Playing a trivia game

Evaluate how much time it takes for users to complete each task flow

Analyze any challenges users faced while completing each task flowReceive feedback on UI

Success Metrics
1. Users are able to navigate platform and complete tasks with little to no errors or confusion

2. Users are able to complete tasks in under 5 minutes

3. Users are satisfied with their experience

4. Users want to use this platform again

5. Users want to share this product with their friends

100% Success Metric
Added Screens
I added the following set of screens to help users who have never played the game before, understand the rules. I kept the rules short and concise, while also using infographics that have a hint of Disney magic in them.
Final Product
View Prototype
Next Steps
Thoroughly develop the prototype by creating a sufficient number of question screens to enable the completion of an entire game experience.

Improve quality of animated 30 second timer.

Include a variety of questions, such as true or false, guess that character based on sound clip, or guess that movie based on an image.
Additional Features
Multi-Device Play
Currently, the game is limited to single-device play. It would add a compelling dimension to allow users the ability to play from different devices, regardless of their geographical location.

Implement a feature that enables text-to-speech functionality within the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience and providing accessibility support for users who are hard of hearing.
Add a Feature
Disney+ Trivia Game
In essence, the inception of the Disney+ trivia game feature aimed to augment the entertainment spectrum of the streaming service. Multiple iterations and rigorous testing culminated in a seamless integration of the trivia game within the prevailing UI. This effort also yielded an easily navigable game format. Additionally, the UI design endeavor successfully encapsulated the enchanting essence of Disney, captivating users across all age groups.
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