Gen Fulton Consultancy
Gen Fulton Consultancy, a private practice by Gen Fulton, who is a psychotherapist and mental performance coach, needed a website to advertise her companies and also allow new users (aka potential clients) to book free consultation appointments with her.
Project Details:
Product: Responsive Website
Duration: November 2023 - Jan 2024
Role: Lead Product Designer
Client: Gen Fulton
Tools: Figma, Figjam, Google Suite, Canva, Photoshop
Responsibilities: Understanding User Research | Defining Product Goals & Objectives | Collaboration with Development Team | Project Management
Gen Fulton needed a website to be able to advertise her two companies (psychotherapy and mental performance coaching) and allow potential new clients to book free 30 minute consultation appointments with her.
My team and I came together to first, help her create her branding, which she wanted to emulate calming and approachable. From there we used her branding to create a website that described her experience, qualifications, areas of expertise, and allowed users to book a free consultation appointment with her.
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Research Goals
Research Methods
Competitive Analysis
Client Survey
Competitive Analysis
The initial phase of my research involved conducting a thorough market analysis to identify competitors and their unique strategies. My primary areas of focus encompassed websites for psychotherapists and marriage counselors in California.

The insights gathered provided a valuable foundation for shaping the design approach, including how therapists showcase client testimonials, thus building trust with potential clients, and identifying interactive features that enhance user engagement, such as interactive forms, or multimedia content that contributes positively to the overall user experience.
Client Survey
By engaging in a comprehensive survey phase, I delved deeper into our client's business goals, target audience, and specific requirements.
Our aim is to uncover patterns and traits among our client, gaining insights into the unique needs of her target audience using an affinity map. Customized questions enable a deeper understanding of features that could fulfill individual requirements.


1. Growth

Client's goals are professional growth and expansion in therapeutic practice. She wants to add more successful adults to her client base.

2. Approach

Client's distinctive therapeutic approach, is specialization in trauma work, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and a holistic focus on mind, body, and spirit wellness.

3. Message of Hope

Client requires creating a visual representation that encapsulates the deep healing potential, evokes a sense of calmness, and conveys a message of hope.

4. Appointments

Client's preferences for website design, including simplicity, and specific functionalities such as appointment booking (for only new clients), and contact forms.

5. Content

Client's visual content selection and minimalistic approach to website content.

Target Audience
Brandon, an over-seas basketball player, navigating the pressure and grappling with toxic habits seeks support in emotional regulation during the recovery from a recent ACL tear.
Charlotte, CEO of a startup, grappling with burnout, seeks assistance in addressing the lingering trauma from a past car accident while managing the responsibilities of leading her company.
Mia & Kate, a couple facing challenges in aligning their differing priorities and aspirations for their relationship, seek guidance on their communication.
The site map visually presents platform navigation, clarifying the arrangement of components and features within their respective categories for a coherent user experience. While some similarities may arise in the final version, it's important to note that adjustments are likely as the building process unfolds.
Time Constraint: We were limited on how much time we had to produce this website. So we prioritized one landing page with sections that had a description of Gen, description of her services, and a section to contact her.
Low Fidelity Wireframe - Desktop
Having amassed sufficient information, I embarked on crafting preliminary a low-fidelity concept. Presented below is the preliminary screen:

Hero Section

We designed a hero section featuring her company's title and tagline, complemented by imagery reflecting Gen or her target clientele.

Meet Gen

Based on industry research, it was typical for therapists to give a description of their approach. We added a CTA button for easy contact.

Gen's Focus

We highlighted gen's diverse focuses within her dual practices of psychotherapy and mental performance coaching.


We incorporated a dedicated section for client reviews (and a CTA section), following industry standards and enhancing user trust.
High Fidelity Wireframes
After several rounds of iterations with the client and the team, I created a user interface that reflected the brand’s image, but kept the user experience clear and easy to manage. The website was created in sections to make an easier responsive design, and easier for the client to understand and give feedback.

Hero Section

Our aim was to succinctly communicate the essence of her website, encapsulating her title and tagline to provide users with a clear understanding of its purpose and value proposition upon arrival.

About Section

Our focus was to foster a sense of familiarity and trust between users and Gen, recognizing the importance of comfort in the therapeutic relationship. Here, Gen describes her therapeutic approach and experience, providing users with insights into her process and expertise.

Areas of Expertise

We highlight her diverse skill set to ensure users are well-informed about her professional capabilities. We integrate her expertise in both her therapy and coaching businesses, providing a unified experience on a single landing page.


Our objective is to establish Gen's credibility through firsthand accounts from satisfied clients. Opting for a carousel format ensures a seamless browsing experience, allowing users to effortlessly view testimonials without feeling overwhelmed by cluttered content.

UI Component Library & Branding
Final Product
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Current Metrics

Visitor traffic

In the past 3 months, Gen has had a 20% increase in potential new clients reaching out to her.


New Clients

Our client has gained 5 new clients by using her website to promote her businesses.


Customer satisfaction

Our client was extremely satisfied with the final product, and with her new success.

Next Steps
Additional Features
Develop a streamlined and user-friendly appointment scheduling system tailored to meet the needs of Gen's diverse clientele, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking experience. Adhering to HIPPAA standards, prioritize the implementation of a secure client portal for safeguarding sensitive health information.
Responsive Website
Gen Fulton Consultancy
Through close collaboration with our client and our multidisciplinary team comprising developers and a senior product designer, we crafted a serene and inviting website showcasing the expertise of Gen, a therapist and performance coach. Drawing inspiration from nature and informed by thorough competitive analysis, our design embodies both professionalism and warmth. The launch of Gen's website marks not only the culmination of our efforts but also the creation of a comforting sanctuary for those seeking guidance and support.
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