Hi, I'm Serina.
Welcome to my story!

I am a Latina Cali kid, who was raised in a family with two cultures. Growing up in this diverse space gave me the early awareness that people are more than one label and are more than labels themselves.

"I have the heart of a designer, but the head of an engineer."

I was a licensed engineer for 4+ years, which gave me a distinctive mix of analytical thinking & business perspective. At the same time my experience as a product designer (with my Studio Art minor) allows me to hone my creativity skills into user-centered design.

I co-founded Madasa Collective.

Inspired by our diverse backgrounds and shared passion for innovation, we founded Madasa Collective, a California-based team specializing in branding, product design, and software development. We are driven by the belief that unconventional backgrounds can be harnessed to redefine success. So we assembled a team of talented, experienced individuals across multiple disciplines to craft unique digital products. Our team combines industry expertise with diverse perspectives to deliver unique products of the highest quality to our clients.

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